Alternate Uses for Kitchen Products

Hi everyone! I hope you are sublime! I wanted to share a list of kitchen products that have other uses other than baking and cooking. I had so much fun creating my alternative use list for antacids that I wanted to see what other people had done with other ingredients. It’s just so fascinating to me how things can have so many uses! I think it brings out the MacGyver in me (anybody remember that show?)

Creme of Tartar

Creme of Tartar is a kitchen gem! Over at the website, One Good Thing by Jillee, it is put to amazing use as a cleaner, ant deterrent, and a stain remover plus other great ideas. I have always loved this site; be sure to check out her other wonderful posts.

Baking Soda

Did you know baking soda could be used to relieve the discomfort caused by diaper rash and insect bites? Me neither. Over at Thank your Body, there’s a whole list of ideas for alternative uses for baking soda and they are all pretty great!


Some people have already learned how vinegar is an amazing product for cleaning. It is absolutely wonderful for wiping windows or getting the grease out of a microwave.

At the Reader’s Digest website, there are 95 uses for vinegar! You can remove ball point pen ink from cloth or water stains from wood. You can also clean piano keys! Head over to their site for loads of vinegar ideas. You won’t be sorry!


Make jelly out of wine? You bet! Head over to the website, She Knows for some really clever ideas with wine. She’ll show you how to use leftover wine to make a tasty vinaigrette and how to dye fabric. So fun!


A face mask made out of eggs! You betcha! Check out Slow Food’s list of alternative uses for eggs including hair conditioner and edible biscuit paint. I also really like the idea of using eggs in fabric whitening.


Want to prevent moldy cheese? Just rub a little butter on it and it will keep the mold away. The list is great and there is one entry that I had to read twice just to make sure I read it right. Check out #24 on Wise Bread!


Wow! I did not know you could repair cracks in fine china with milk. I really want to test that use right now but I don’t have any fine china with cracks. I guess I’ll have to break something. Just kidding. Check out Daily Herd for this fix and for using milk to thaw frozen fish.


We are approaching the time of year when our windshields get covered in frost. With a little forethought, you can prevent this occurrence with salt. You can also clear a blocked drain. At Expert Home Tips, you can read all about these ideas and more!


Keep your cakes fresh by adding a couple of sugar cubes to the container. That sounds like it would be an easy thing to test. What about removing grass stains with a sugar paste? Yep, I’d try that too. Want to feed butterflies? Get the recipe at Mother Nature Network.


At Mother Nature Network, you can find a neat list of alternative uses for flour including everything from modeling clay and paper mache, to getting rid of bugs on your squash plants.

Well, there you have it. A list of lists. Lol! Hopefully, you can find some little nugget of goodness in there to get your mind wrapped around. I know I did. For me, it’s just so fantastic to discover the different properties of substances and how they can be put to good use. It’s always handy to have different options when you run out of your household staples. You may remember this list and think, hmmmm, didn’t I read that I could use eggs for hair conditioner?

That’s all for now but I’ll be back soon with some terrific fall recipes. It is September now so it’s on, Pumpkin Spice!

😄 Jennifer

18 thoughts on “Alternate Uses for Kitchen Products

  1. An amazing list, I had no idea these products could be used in this way. I knew that was Richard Dean Anderson, what ever happened to him? The last I saw him on anything after MacGyver was Stargate SG-1. !!

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      1. Thanks for the link Jennifer. I love the old Stargate SG-1 series, it’s on the ELRAY network on my cable system daily. I had the entire series box set but sent it to the ex last year. dumb.

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  2. Interesting stuff. I knew baking soda is the go-to rub for bee stings. If you get to the sting right away and pack on a paste of baking soda with some water, let it dry and fall off on it’s own (about an hour) there will be no reaction to the sting – no itching, no swelling. The paste will draw out the stinger and it’s nasty venom.

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    1. Neat stuff, huh? I’m so glad other people posted lists too so that I could learn more.
      On another note, Rosemarie. I’m missing your posts. Somehow, I can’t get to any of your current writings. When I click on your picture after you comment, it takes me to your Labor Day Menu 2017. I love your work! I check my inbox for your site but I don’t see anything. Are you still writing?


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