Low Carb Iced Turtle Macchiato

Hey fellow foodies! It’s Friday and I wanted to share something with you that doesn’t need to be baked. In fact, it’s a drink. I HAD to create this drink. McDonald’s has this drink by the same name (but high carb) but you get a different version of it every time you go there. I have talked to several different employees to get to the bottom of this mystery because I either totally love it or totally dislike it when I get one. I expressed the problem and that I was curious how they were made.

I have been told that they don’t have caramel syrup, they do have caramel syrup, a machine makes them and therefore, they can’t be customized, and that they are all the same at each location. My head was spinning. Everybody had a different story and they all were conflicting!

I stopped asking because I was more confused and conflicted than before I started. However, I needed to find out because when they’re good, they are really, really good. I went to the McDonald’s website and found that they are made with espresso, milk, turtle syrup, and chocolate syrup. That sounded easy enough, except for the turtle syrup. What is that? On closer inspection, I found that it’s pretty much caramel syrup. Oh and the website said that they are customizable.

Well, I was convinced I could do this at home and have this drink without the bitter end sip and with the two syrups, chocolate and caramel.

In my home laboratory, I mean kitchen, I brewed some caramel coffee. I got a giant insulated tumbler off the shelf and proceeded to drizzle sugar free chocolate and sugar free caramel syrup on the inside of the empty glass. Next, I added 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream, 1/2 whole milk, and 6 ounces of caramel coffee. I used coffee instead of espresso because I needed something a little less bitter. Lastly, I topped it off with a handful of ice.

I gave it a little stir with the straw and voila! It was just what I wanted. No more guessing about what I will be getting. I know exactly what I’m putting in to my drink and how I like it. Not to mention, I just saved about $3 and I didn’t drink a bunch of carbs. I like to eat those…ha ha! I’m looking at you, pizza.

I hope this helps someone else. Have a great Friday night!


Sugar free caramel syrup

Sugar free chocolate syrup

1/2 cup heavy cream

1/2 cup whole milk

3/4 cup caramel coffee

A handful of ice


1. Get a large insulated tumbler and drizzle the syrups around the interior of the cup.

2. Pour in cream, milk, and coffee in that order.

3. Add a handful of ice. To stir or not stir? That is the question. Your choice, fellow foodie. Enjoy!


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