Entering Recipe Contests for Fun

Last year my mom was very sick.  She needed a lot of help and I tried very hard to assist her with her needs.  It became difficult for me because I was very worried for her. Cancer is a deadly disease. My mind would always drift to her needs. To take my mind off of the situation a little bit, I began to create recipes and search for recipe contests.  It was very beneficial to me because I could think up recipes anywhere I went.  Inspiration was everywhere. Even advertisements for Bath and Body Works would spark a recipe. Mango Mai Tai is the name of one of their current candles and I can see that becoming a lovely pie. Yum!

Eventually, I found some contests and threw my hat in the ring. It’s funny because most of the contests have deadlines that are far in the future and they don’t announce the winners for quite some time after that.  By the time you hear anything back, you have forgotten that you even entered the contest.

I have had some success along the way.  One of my recipes is in the current edition of the Taste of Home Magazine Simple and Delicious. I will also be in their September/October magazine.  A couple of days ago, I received word that my recipe would be in a calendar for Better Choice products. I also received a prize box in the mail that had their “swag” in it. Here you can see what was in the mystery box:

I’m going to see if I can make new recipes from what they sent me. I’ll keep you posted on that one.

I was also informed that I was a finalist for the Instructables website for their contest “The Science of Cooking”. My entry is “How I Hacked a McDonald’s Happy Meal with Molecular Gastronomy”. It was a really fun project and contest. You can see how I turned a Happy Meal into this:


It’s funny because I never intended for this baking hobby to be more than an interesting way to change up our weekly menu and to give my mind a break from worrying but it has really turned into a fun hobby and a super stress reliever.

If you are a fellow foodie and want to try some recipe contests out, check out contestcook.com for a list of current contests. You never know, you may get a box of swag too!


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